Sweet Potato

A case management system for a CRM consulting company

What was our client's requirement?

Our client was a strategic CRM consulting company that helps a number of large companies with their CRM and Salesforce strategies. They came to Sweet Potato Tec for help with automating their end-to-end support process. What was already there? Well, they had a basic case management system but asked our team to automate the cases coming through via email and their website.

What was the solution?

With a combination of automation and customised configuration, we managed to capture detail into specific categories.

The new process met our client’s requirement – to capture and track cases across different parameters.

We created a number of standard and customised reports and dashboards which helped give insights regarding each case and its progress.

We also created a community for the client’s customers so that they could access their own relevant cases.

Key Components:

– Email to case

– Reports

– Dashboards

– Workflows

– Salesforce Community