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Are you fully capitalizing on your Salesforce investment? Our Health Check Service is designed to enhance your Salesforce experience and boost your ROI by optimizing system performance.

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    Welcome to Sweet Potato Tec, your trusted partner for innovative business solutions. We specialize in optimizing Salesforce instances to enhance your business performance and drive growth.


    Symptoms Your Salesforce Needs a Health Check

    Is your once-powerful Salesforce lagging? Do you suspect hidden issues impacting performance, security, or user adoption? Don’t wait for major problems to surface. Here are some tell-tale signs your Salesforce needs a comprehensive health check

    User Frustration and Low Adoption

    Users complain about the system being clunky, unintuitive, or slow. Training hasn't equipped them to utilise their full potential.

    Inaccurate or Untrustworthy

    Reports need to include crucial information or contain inconsistencies. Data may be outdated, duplicated, or entered incorrectly, leading to inaccuracies in records and reports.

    Security Concerns Keep You Up
    at Night

    User permissions have yet to be reviewed or updated in accordance with best practices. Sharing settings and access controls need review and adjustment.

    Migrating to Lightning Hits
    a Snag

    Worried about data loss, compatibility issues, or user resistance during the transition. Want to ensure a smooth and efficient move with minimal disruption. Need guidance on optimising your instance for the new, streamlined interface?

    Missing Out on the Latest and

    Feeling overwhelmed by new features and functionality you haven't explored? Unsure how to leverage new releases to drive business growth and efficiency. Want to make the most of your Salesforce investment by uncovering powerful untapped potential?

    Post-Release Hiccups Disrupting
    Your Flow

    Experiencing performance glitches, bugs, or unexpected changes after an update. Need help to pinpoint the root cause and implement a quick resolution. Want to avoid future disruptions by ensuring compatibility and smooth post-release transitions?

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    Our team of Salesforce experts has years of experience assisting businesses like yours in maximizing their Salesforce investments. With our Health Check Service, you’ll receive actionable insights and tailored recommendations to meet your specific needs.