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Contact us for Salesforce Custom Solution & for Salesforce flexi Support.

CRM Strategy

We believe in starting a CRM initiative well by defining the objectives for the programme in line with the overall objectives of the company and teams. We have years of experience in discovery work which can effectively formulate your CRM strategy. We do this by carefully analysing the existing sales processes, product and pricing models and by listening to the stakeholders on their objectives and pain points. Our Principal Consultants work closely with your teams and can create this strategy tailored to your business.

Salesforce Quick Start Packages

Our quick start packages are geared towards getting you up and running in salesforce in no time. Our iterative onboarding process will help you start using Salesforce immediately, while future proofing the instance. We can also implement additional packages such as Docusign to help you start seeing value in related areas. We have a team dedicated to quick start packages and can talk to you today to answer any of your questions.

Salesforce Development

Although our go-to advice is not to add code to your Salesforce org, we understand that certain requirements will need your salesforce instance be customised. We have helped a number of customers to develop custom solutions for their Business through the Salesforce Ecosystem. Have a vision and want to convert it into reality? Hire our certified expert Salesforce Developers for Salesforce Development. Share your vision with our Salesforce Consultants for an Optimum Solution.

Salesforce Integration

We specialise in integrating Salesforce to applications such as Netsuite, Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot. We excel in using native connectors as well creating APIs which can connect Salesforce to these critical applications. With our experience in the data front, we can foresee some of the common issues which can happen if the integrations are not done correctly. This gives us an added advantage in getting the work done correctly.

Salesforce Flexi Support

Not having Enough time to manage Salesforce while Concentrating on your Company? Is your Salesforce admin flooded with a lot of queries? Do you need additional Salesforce development support? We are here to assist , and can provide email/phone support and periodic super user training.

In order to help you succeed, our team of knowledgeable, qualified administrators and developers will concentrate on maintaining Salesforce. Our professionals have years of expertise in creating Salesforce, as well as teaching other administrators and developers how to manage their instances, maintain best practices, and provide continuous Salesforce Support Services globally.

How does it function?

If you need a more flexible solution, you may simply buy a block of support hours to be used as needed. We can provide you with an annual contract that guarantees you a certain amount of hours every month. 

No matter the package you select, our experts will take the time to get to know your company, its procedures, and its application so that we can collaborate closely with you. Simply email a specific address that has been designated for this purpose whenever you need assistance, and our support staff will be sure to respond as soon as possible.

You will also receive suggestions for new features that you would benefit from in future releases as part of your Salesforce support package, as well as advice on how to measure key performance metrics to promote adoption. Even frequent training sessions can be included if you want to make sure your users are always aware of the most recent updates.

Need a Custom Solution for Salesforce?