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Transitioning Oxfordshire Homeless Movement to NPSP

OHM Salesforce Case Study by Salesforce

What was our client's requirement?

  • Oxfordshire Homeless Movement (OHM) is a partnership of the many organisations helping those experiencing homelessness in Oxfordshire.
  • OHM, an Oxford-based organization, required a more efficient and specialized solution for managing their data on becoming a standalone charity.
  • They were already using Salesforce but had made significant customizations to objects, fields, relationships, and automation to meet their specific needs.
  • The client expressed their interest in migrating from Customized Salesforce to the Non-profit Success Package (NPSP), a pre-built package designed specifically for non-profit organizations.
  • The main objective was to migrate their existing data into the new NPSP organization on becoming a charity and provide training on how to utilize the features and functionalities of NPSP effectively.

Important Points regarding NPSP:

  • NPSP (Non-profit Success Package) is a pre-built Salesforce solution tailored for non-profit organizations to streamline their operations and manage their donor, volunteer, and program data effectively.
  • It provides a comprehensive set of standard objects, fields, and processes specifically designed for non-profits.
  • NPSP offers functionality for managing fundraising, donations, grants, campaigns, volunteers, programs, and more.
  • Key features of NPSP include:
    • Constituent Management: Track and manage constituent information, including donors, volunteers, members, and clients.
    • Donor Management: Capture and track donor information, including individual and organizational donors, donation history, and giving patterns.
    • Donation Management: Record and manage donations, pledges, recurring gifts, matching gifts, in-kind donations, and gift acknowledgments.
    • Grant Management: Track and manage grants, including grant applications, awards, reporting, and impact measurement.
    • Campaign Management: Plan, execute, and analyze fundraising campaigns, events, and appeals.
    • Volunteer Management: Manage volunteer registration, scheduling, hours tracking, and engagement.
    • Program Management: Track and measure the impact of programs, services, and initiatives.
  • NPSP offers pre-built reports and dashboards specifically designed for non-profit organizations, providing valuable insights into fundraising, donor retention, program effectiveness, and overall performance.
  • The package is highly customizable and allows organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs by adding custom fields, objects, workflows, and automation.
  • NPSP is constantly updated and enhanced by the Salesforce.org team to incorporate industry best practices and address the evolving needs of non-profits.


By transitioning to NPSP, OHM will benefit from a more streamlined and efficient data management system specifically designed for non-profits. The pre-built package will provide them with a solid foundation to manage their donors, volunteers, programs, and fundraising efforts effectively, ultimately enabling them to better fulfil their mission of assisting the homeless population in Oxfordshire. As they strive towards their vision, they wholeheartedly believe that ‘nobody should have to sleep rough on our streets.’