Sweet Potato

E-Safety Management

Customer Requirement

A company which offers a unique online safety program to education the children about issues such as online bullying, grooming and exploitation. The client’s objective was to make awareness digitalized for every school in the world. They wanted us to build a platform using Salesforce to make this happen,

Solution Delivered

We delivered a solution using Salesforce communities which automated the end to end awareness programs, The solution measured the student’s awareness about online by asking them a set of questions to ensure they are using the online in a safe manner. This solution also identified student risk factors and provided recommendations for every student to measure e-safety awareness over time. The schools and parents were able to assess students e-Safety awareness and vulnerable behaviours quickly. The users were able to identify knowledge gaps and risky behaviour, view recommendations for further learning, and produce a record of student’s understanding of online dangers.

Key Components:

  • Salesforce Community
  • Visualforce Page
  • Apex Class
  • Stripe Integration