Sweet Potato

Meeting Scheduler Using Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook And Graph API

Customer Requirement

A lead gen company wanted to create a meeting scheduler using Salesforce and Outlook.Their meetings change so much in terms of time, day and the attendees. They also wanted to send a separate note to prime the moderator. Salesforce for Outlook was not fit for purpose, so we had to look for solutions.

Solution Delivered

We used Microsoft Graph API to connect Salesforce to Outlook. A number of Salesforce and Microsoft components were used to achieve the scheduling, attendee selection and removal and updates to the meeting invite.The lead gen company didn’t have to use 2 systems to schedule their meetings. The solution was mostly achieved through configuration in Salesforce and Microsoft, with a minimal amount of Apex code! Would you like to know more about this project?

Key Components:

  • Apex Class
  • Batch Class
  • Azure app
  • Visual force Page
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Process Builder
  • Workflow
  • Validation Rule