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Age is just a number!

Firstly, you may wonder why a 65-year retired person embarked on this journey to become a Salesforce Admin.   I(Ananthavalli also known as Ananthi) started the journey with my young friend Kamala for two reasons;  the primary reason is to know about this emerging technology which is...

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Learn how to learn – A blog series

Some people are gifted with certain things, and some need to put in the extra effort to get there.   At the outset, let me introduce you to this bunch, who put in a lot of effort and successfully manage a lot of uncertainties - be...

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Salesforce Duplicate Management

This blog explains about how duplicate and matching rule work in salesforce.   Overview:   The duplicate rule and matching rule are linked with each other.   What is Matching Rule?   A matching rule defines how duplicate records are identified in duplicate rules. Salesforce provides standard matching rules for business and person...

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