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Homepage for different profiles


In Salesforce, the home page is what your users see the first time after logging in. This page can be customized to highlight specific information for the user. Easy access to relevant information equals increased efficiency. In this blog, we will discuss creating a homepage for different profiles in Salesforce. Assign home pages to different apps and app-and-profile combinations to give your users access to a Homepage perfect for their role.

Step 1: Determine the Objectives of Each Profile

The first step in creating a homepage for different profiles is to determine the objectives of each profile. Ask yourself, “What are the goals of this profile?” and “What data and functionality does this profile need to achieve those goals?” For example, a sales representative may need access to customer data, sales reports, and marketing materials. In contrast, a marketing specialist may require access to marketing campaigns, analytics, and lead-generation tools.

Step 2: Customize the Home Page Layout

Once you have determined the objectives of each profile, the next step is to customize the home page layout. Salesforce allows you to customize the home page for each profile, including adding and removing components and rearranging the layout. You can access the home page editor by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and selecting “Edit Page” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Add Components to the Home Page

After accessing the home page editor, you can add components to the home page by clicking the “Add Component” button. Salesforce offers a variety of components to choose from, including charts, reports, dashboards, news, and updates. You can also add custom components created by your organization or third-party vendors.

Step 4: Configure Component Settings

Once you have added components to the home page, you can configure their settings to show the data and functionality specific to each profile.

For example, you can set a chart component to display sales data for a sales representative profile and marketing campaign data for a marketing specialist profile.

Step 5: Save and Publish the Home Page

After you have customized the home page for each profile and configured component settings, you can save and publish the home page. The changes will be visible to users with the corresponding profile permissions.

In conclusion, creating a homepage for different profiles in Salesforce requires an understanding of the objectives of each profile and the customization options available in the home page editor. By tailoring the home page layout, adding components, and configuring settings, you can provide users with the data and functionality they need to perform their job duties effectively.


Salesforce Instance Health Check-up

Generally believed that leading a wholesome lifestyle is positively correlated with leading a fruitful life. When we are in good physical and mental health, we are more likely to have the energy, focus, and motivation to pursue our goals and succeed in various aspects of our lives, including work, relationships, and personal growth.

We may also feel more satisfied and fulfilled, leading to greater happiness and well-being. As we age, we must pay more attention to our health, our bodies naturally undergo changes that can increase the risk of specific health problems and any possible issues that may arise.

However, with the proper care and attention, many of these issues can be prevented or managed effectively.

When people have health issues, they need to seek medical attention and consult with a doctor. A doctor can help diagnose the underlying cause of the problem and provide appropriate treatment to relieve symptoms and improve overall health and well-being.

However, if a problem occurs in Salesforce, how can we pinpoint the issues and who can analyse it ???

In this article, we will explore one of the self-service salesforce org health tools.

Yes…That is the Org Doctor !!!.  

The Org Doctor is a tool that helps you identify the changes that are not healthy for your organisation. It enables you to find and fix the problem’s root cause. The tool scans your org for possible issues and provides insights into what could have caused these problems in the first place.

Here are some signs that indicate that salesforce org is unwell.

  1. Surpass Storage Limits
  2. Frequent Record Locking Issues
  3. Operational or Performance issues
  •       Apex CPU time limit exceeded errors
  •       Long-running queries and reports
  •       Inefficient Visualforce pages and controllers
  •       Low code coverage in Apex test classes
  1. Need to increase security configurations.

Another question that comes to mind is:  Who can act as a doctor of the Salesforce Org?

Anyone with administrative rights can serve as a doctor, whether they are a Salesforce admin, developer, consultant, or anyone else. 

Finally, let’s take a look at how you can become an Org Doctor.

1. To begin, visit the following link: https://orgdoctor.herokuapp.com/

2. Check the checkbox that says  ‘I AM A SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR.’

3. Select either ‘Check My Production Org’ or ‘Check My Sandbox Org’.

4. After clicking the “Sign in with salesforce button”, Enter the Username and Password of Salesforce org and click the login button.

5. Finally, the health check report will be generated and sent to your email. The report is divided into different sections, with each section containing a percentage highlighted in either ‘Green’, ‘Red’, or ‘Yellow’.


Salesforce Easy makes your life Easy

The world is constantly evolving and so are the tools we use to make our lives easier.

Salesforce has recently launched Salesforce Easy to replace its existing Salesforce Essentials. Salesforce makes it easier for users to quickly access the data they need to make informed decisions about their customers. 

Working together to achieve goals is the key to success for any business. Salesforce Easy makes it easy for teams to collaborate in a single workspace. Makes it easy for teams to get started with collaboration and stay organized in the long run.

What is Salesforce Easy, And Who is it For?

Salesforce Easy is designed to make it easier for small and medium businesses to access the power of Salesforce without the need for extensive training or customization. With this Salesforce Easy, businesses can quickly get up and running with a powerful CRM system that will help them manage their customer relationships more efficiently.

How Salesforce Easy Can Help Different Industries

Salesforce Easy is a revolutionary app that has completely reimagined the way businesses manage their sales, service, and marketing activities. With its simplified design, Salesforce Easy provides users with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to access all the features necessary for effective sales, service, and marketing operations. Salesforce Easy allows users to customize according to their business needs and preferences. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their sales, service, and marketing activities in one unified platform.

How Salesforce Easy Helps Drive Efficiency in  Core Areas of Business 


Out-of-the-box sales paths and reports are essential tools for businesses to keep their teams on track and manage their sales pipelines. 

Additionally, lead and opportunity records provide valuable insights into how well a company is performing in terms of customer acquisition and retention. With this information, companies can adjust their strategies in order to maximize their profits.


Managing customer cases is a great way to keep track of all customer interactions in one place. By tracking customer engagement history and details, businesses can gain valuable insights into how customers interact with their products and services. This data can then be used to improve their offerings as well as provide better support for their customers.

Designed to help your service team deliver quick, helpful, and personalized service to your customers.


It helps your marketing team create and track branded marketing content. Email templates are an essential tool for businesses when it comes to sending out company updates and offers. Not only do they provide a consistent look and feel for your emails, but they also help create beautifully branded emails that will grab the attention of your customers. With email templates, you can customize the content and design of your emails to match the tone of your brand.

Reports and Dashboards: 

Salesforce Easy gives a powerful suite of reporting tools to track business performance.

Reports will provide a clear picture to the management and display the data in the format of rows and columns.

Dashboards are pictorial representations of reports data.

How to Get Started with an Easier CRM Step by Step

Here are the steps to sign up for Salesforce Easy 30 days Trial Pack. 

Step 1: Click this link Salesforce Easy. Select the country as USA. Then check the check box of “Main Service Agreement.”

Step 2: After selecting the Agreement check box, it shows Add to sign up 

Step 3: After signing up, answer the following questions

Step 4:Aftet submitting these questions, Select the “Take Me To Salesforce” button.

Kudos!!!, Finally, you get access to a 30-day Trial Pack.