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API integration with Salesforce

Salesforce – Google Ads Integration

Customer Requirement   The client is a UK-based company that manages digital marketing for its customers in both Salesforce and another database. The digital marketing teams were manually entering the same details from Salesforce into their database wizard, which in turn activates the campaign in Google Ads...

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LEAD(RN)ING without a title

Let's assume that you're a safe pair of hands and get things done. Let's assume that you don't really worry about who gets the credit as long as the outcome is achieved. Finally, let's assume that you know what your strengths and blind spots are...

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OmniChannel to be used in salesforce

How to Implement Omni Channel in Salesforce???

What is Omni Channel?   Omni Channel is a tool to manage the priority of work items without writing a code. It's a flexible, customizable feature.Omni-Channel routes work requests to the most available and qualified support agents in the console.   Where can this be used?   This can be used...

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Women Empowerment in Southern India

  The term – Women Empowerment – has been referred to in many areas of empowering women including education, employment, decision making, health, safety, etc. It is fundamental to the economic and social progress of the local community, state, nation, and planet.   The need for Women Empowerment:...

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Mentor Point !!…

  My name is Kamala. I work with Sweet Potato Tec, a Salesforce Consulting Company.   In this blog, I would like to share information about our Free Internship Program. I started my journey in Sweet Potato Tec as Intern in Dec 2017 to Jan 2018, in a...

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