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Age is just a number!

Firstly, you may wonder why a 65-year retired person embarked on this journey to become a Salesforce Admin.

I(Ananthavalli also known as Ananthi) started the journey with my young friend Kamala for two reasons;  the primary reason is to know about this emerging technology which is used in my son’s company, and the second reason is to spend my retirement life in a purposeful and enthusiastic way. As a retired chemistry professor, I didn’t know anything about software or for that matter about computers. That’s the beauty of Salesforce though…with a little bit of guidance and keenness to learn you will be able to do wonders with this technology.

So, how did I manage to learn this cloud-based CRM application and passed the admin certification?

The Salesforce Admin certification exams are not exactly the type of tests you can prepare the night before. In fact, I set a goal for myself to pass the exam 8 months before taking it.

Kamala and I browsed the Salesforce Certification site to read about the administrator track and got the Salesforce certification Administrator guide. You can download it by clicking the below link.


I learned about the basics of these techniques theoretically from SFDC guide and Trailhead. Then I started putting them to practice with a developer salesforce org. I also looked at the historical tickets with Sweet Potato Tec to understand the nuances with Salesforce.

I also posted a question on the developer forum to hear from the experts. A couple of them even took time to respond to my basic question, which made me very happy.

Lastly, I took the time to do the practice exams on proprofs.com and other websites regularly. I completed around 2,500 questions along with Kamala during this time. We focused on the areas which I didn’t score well immediately after my mock exams.

I have to say thanks to a number of people online, complete strangers – who helped with top tips and links. I have pasted some of them below. That’s how I prepared for the Salesforce admin certification…I will write another post soon to describe how I went about in completing the test.

You can find my certification here
Certification Details









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