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Mentor Point !!…

My name is Kamala. I work with Sweet Potato Tec, a Salesforce Consulting Company.

In this blog, I would like to share information about our Free Internship Program. I started my journey in Sweet Potato Tec as Intern in Dec 2017 to Jan 2018, in a batch of 6 Students. The mentors who take internship provide great insights in a new technology called Salesforce. I was able to get a deeper understanding of Salesforce after my interactions with my mentors.
During the completion of my internship, I heard about a role which has become available in Sweet Potato Tec. I attended the interview and got selected. Now I am a proud mentor for the new Interns.

Currently, we do Internship Programmes for a duration of maximum three months depending on the interns’ availability stipulated by their Colleges or University. We also guide them for the final year project as a free of cost initiative.

Our internship program provides the following benefits

1. Hands-on experience and practical knowledge in salesforce
2. Provides commercial experience which someone may not learn in classrooms.
3. Develops global perspective in learning.

While learning, I kept my mind open, asked a lot of questions which my mentors patiently answered, and was able to increase my confidence levels significantly.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the internships classes are now virtual, but we connect with the interns on a regular but flexible schedule. Internship provides a win-win opportunity to both interns and SPT. I am very excited about the prospects of this Programme.😊

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