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My Internship Teaching Experience

My name is Nambi. I am currently a Software Developer in Sweet Potato Tec. Sweet Potato Tec is a Salesforce consulting company providing services to the UK and US-based customers.

I joined this company on 24 August 2017. We have been conducting free internship courses for college students for the past 3 years successfully.

I am one of the trainers who spearhead this internship program. I would like to share my teaching experience in this blog.

During my internship student teaching experience, I spend a lot of time preparing each topic. I work hard to research different ways to present the information for each topic.

I look for activities that my interns would easily understand. We provide hands-on work for interns at the end of every session.

While training the interns I learned new things as well, mainly because the interns ask a lot of great questions which improved my thought processes too. At the end of the internships, I asked the interns to provide feedback about my teaching, as it would help improvise my teaching skills.

We also guided the interns to do their own projects individually in salesforce. I am really proud to see the interns shaping their future in Salesforce.

I wish to continue this going forward as well as to share my knowledge with many people. In Sweet Potato Tec, we have a goal to let the local community know about this technology free of cost.

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