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Salesforce- Google Ads integration

Customer Requirement 

The client is a UK-based company that manages digital marketing for its customers in both Salesforce and another database. The digital marketing teams were manually entering the same details from Salesforce into their database wizard, which in turn activates the campaign in Google Ads and Bing Ads. The database wizard had an optimization engine that ensured it secures the right price in platforms such as Google Ads. Salesforce is the platform used by their sales team to close their deals.

This makes the sales team do the work double the time. i.e., creating campaigns in their database using their database wizard and then copying and pasting the same data in the salesforce database to store the data and then process it further.

Although the problem may look like an operational efficiency issue, there were several downstream impacts such as delays to Customer Google Ad campaign start dates, incorrect data entry issues which impacted campaign effectiveness. However, in their current state, they can easily insert the data into their Marketing database and optimize the campaign as needed in their database wizard.

Solution Delivered

Sweet Potato Tec developed an API to integrate Salesforce and Database Wizard, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of activating the campaigns in Google and Bing. The integration between Salesforce and their database was seamless and required no manual inputs. It also reduced the errors which caused issues in the customer campaigns as well.

The solution used Lightning components in Salesforce to automate the data entry process which resulted in a lot of time being saved from entering standard data. We utilized the API endpoints provided by the database wizard to send Google Ad Campaign Data.

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