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Enable Email-to-Salesforce


Email-to-Salesforce is a feature that allows you to associate emails with Salesforce records, enabling seamless integration of your email communication with the CRM platform. This feature enhances collaboration and ensures that relevant correspondence is centralized within Salesforce records, providing a comprehensive view of interactions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use Email-to-Salesforce:

1. Enable Email-to-Salesforce:

a. In Salesforce, go to Personal Setting.
b. In the Quick Find box, type “Email-to-Salesforce.”
c. Select “Email-to-Salesforce” from the search results.
d. Enable the feature by checking the “Enable Email-to-Salesforce” checkbox.

Please see the below image,

2. Forwarding Emails:

After enabling Email-to-Salesforce, you will be provided with a unique email address specific to your organization.

Forward emails you want to associate with Salesforce records to this unique email address by adding them in the BCC of your email.

3. Verification:

Salesforce automatically associates the forwarded email with the specified record based on the email address.

Verify the association by checking the “Emails” related list on the corresponding record in Salesforce.

If there are no records with the email address then it will be landed into ‘My Unresolved Items’ and then from there you can attach it to the records.

4. Customizing Email-to-Salesforce:

Adjust settings such as the allowed email domains and other parameters in the Email-to-Salesforce settings based on your organization’s needs.

Tips and Best Practices:

Email Content and Attachments:

The entire content of the forwarded email, including attachments, is associated with the Salesforce record.

Security and Permissions:

Ensure that users forwarding emails have the necessary permissions to associate emails with Salesforce records.

Error Handling:

Monitor any error notifications or bounce-back emails from Salesforce, as they may indicate issues with the association process.
By using Email-to-Salesforce, you streamline communication tracking and ensure that valuable correspondence is linked directly to the relevant records in your Salesforce instance. This integration enhances collaboration and provides a comprehensive view of interactions, contributing to a more efficient and organized workflow.


In conclusion, the Email-to-Salesforce integration is poised to be a catalyst for positive change in our customer relationship management practices. Its potential to drive operational efficiency, improve collaboration, and deepen our understanding of customer interactions positions it as a strategic asset for our organization.